Another exciting announcement in honour of our Dutch heritage is the collaboration with The Sneaky Treat Co.Melbourne.

We know everything about Stroopwafels and they know everything about brownies. The Sneaky Treat Co.Melbourne combined our ultimate Gluten-free KOEK & CAKE Stroopwafels with their decadent fudgey brownie.

It's a fantastic Dutch delicacy and launched as the DOUBLE DUTCH BROWNIE.

In a very special nod to our Dutch heritage, we bring you Melbourne's very first Stroopwafel Brownie! A heerlijk (delicious) blend of the Netherland's finest fave - gluten-free caramel wafer and our signature super fudgy brownies, topped with the best stroopwafel pieces, browned to perfection. Chunky chocolate stroopwafel sumptuousness!

Order them now!

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Yep...There’s an exciting new Dutch partnership in Sydney, Australia. Children's book authors Zutje & De Viss have just released their first Dutch children's novel in Australia: Jack & Lev - De Terugkeer van de Schaduwheer.

An exciting novel for 8-12 year olds. So to celebrate, we're treating you to a delicious gift!

Buy a copy of the book and you'll receive a packet of Stroopwafels - FREE!

Keen to order?

Go to the webshop of KOEK & CAKE and order a copy of the book and your complementary stroopwafels.

Or go to the webshop of Zutje & De Viss-

What is the book about?

Jack's world collapses after his dog gets kidnapped right in front of him. When Jack meets Lev, a strange girl from another dimension, his extraordinary adventure begins. They must beat the evil Shadow Lord. Only then will they find Jacks dog. On the journey, Jack discovers he is capable of so much more than he could have imagined.

‘The best book that recently got published for readers of 9 - 12 year old' – De Leestrein

‘Super exciting and also very funny’ – Boeklover

‘Huge 5 stars’ – Samen lezen is leuker

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