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Hi, my name is Annemarie

As a born and raised Dutchie, I moved to Sydney in 2016 with my family to start a new chapter of our lives. Life in Australia is amazing however, being a massive sweet tooth, I missed my favourite Dutch cookies and cakes such as stroopwafels, Dutch apple pie and speculaas. 

When I realised that the supermarket Stroopwafels in Australia are not quite the same as the ones back home, I decided to bake them myself. And the rest is history..... 

So if you after some authentic Stroopwafels, made with Australian ingredients only, you came to the right place! 

About Koek & Cake


Dutch treats according to traditional Dutch recipes

Baked with fresh Australian ingredients

All products are baked in a commercial kitchen

Australian-wide delivery

Stroopwafel [ˈstroːpʋaːfəl] 

The Stroopwafel is one of the most iconic cookies of the Netherlands. The waffle has a delicate cinnamon flavour and is sliced in half. In between you'll find a sweet caramel syrup which is best eat fresh and warm.

Eat it like the Dutch!

Dutchies rest their Stroopwafel on top of a cuppa tea or coffee. The steam of the hot drink will soften the caramel syrup inside and the Stroopwafel will become all gooey. Yummm!

Enjoy! Or as the Dutch would say "Eet smakelijk"!

Koek & Cake Australia - Stroopwafels.jpeg
Koek & Cake - Dutch Stroopwafels in Australia.jpeg

Most delicious treats! I could eat a hundred of your stroopwafels!

Jessica L.
Koek & Cake - Dutch Stroopwafels in Australia.jpeg

Let’s Chat!

Are you after a custom order, special gift boxes or would you like fresh stroopwafels baked on spot at one of your (corporate) events? 

You are more than welcome to fill in the form below. I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your interest! I will be in touch asap!

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