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New! Koek & Boek  -    February 2021

Yep... a new collaboration in Australia. Kidsbook author Zutje & De Viss have just released their first Dutch kids novel in Australia:  Jack & Lev - De Terugkeer van de Schaduwheer. An exciting novel for kids (8-12). Guess what? Therefore we throw in a party!

Buy a book and you receive a pack of Stroopwafels for FREE!

Send a mail: order.koekandcake@gmail.com

Or go to the webshop of Zutje: www.jackenlev.nl/koop



(Save $6,50)

What's the book about?
Jacks world collapses after 
his dog gets kidnapped right in front of him. When Jack meets Lev, a strange girl from another dimension, his extraordinary adventure begins. They must beat the evil Shadow Lord. Only then will they find Jacks dog. On the journey, Jack discovers he is capable of so much more than he could have imagined.

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