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Your local supplier in Australia of Dutch Stroopwafels & other artisan treats. 

It ain't much, if it ain't Dutch!

Hi there and welcome to Koek & Cake. I am Annemarie, born and bred in The Netherlands but living in Sydney, Australia since 2016. 


I love Australia but I do miss the Dutch "koek and cake" I grew up with so I decide to bake them myself. It all started with the well-known stroopwafels - gooey caramel goodness in between two thin waffles.  


And now the assortment extended way beyond the stroopwafel with delicious butter slices, spicy speculaas cookies and mouth watering apple crumble pies.   


  And did you know the English word 'Cookie' originates from the ​Dutch word 'Koek'? Must be something to it then....

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The Dutch Goodies

Have a look at our best-selling products. If you are after something custom-made, please contact me and I will be happy to talk it through. ​